How to Add a Personal Stamp to Your Wedding Look

And no one else will ever have it! It has been designed and made just for you. We'll never replicate it. It's all about the personalised, magical details that make your wedding as individual and special as you want it to be.

Invest in Your Memories

I've heard a story of a wedding album which has been tucked away in the loft and never looked at. With these shoes you can celebrate your wedding anniversary wearing them and revisiting your beautiful moments.

Introducing Middo Couture: Hand Painted Wedding Shoes

  • Feel unique and beautiful wearing shoes designed especially for you, demonstrating your fabulous style.
  • Control every aspect of your design and achieve the individual look you envisioned.
  • Have fun teaming your shoes with other accessories, trims or wedding theme
  • Enjoy your special wedding by putting your individual stamp on your outfit
  • Be the inspiration for a work of art you own and wear
  • Be a part of our no-hassle fun process to make sure you'll get shoes you truly want
  • Get a personal keepsake to treasure for a lifetime
  • Get all the time and attention you deserve

Are Hand Painted Shoes For You?

Hand painted shoes are for every independent yet feminine woman with her own sense of style
who loves to add a touch of uniqueness and luxury to her outfit.

You Bring Your Vision and Story, We Bring It to Life

No-one knows better than you what shades and tints reflect your personal style best. You make your own decisions about what to include in your Personalised Items list - get inspired by your love story, hobby and all the favorite things!

4 easy steps to get your Middo Couture shoes:

Shopping bag

1. Purchase and send us shoes you want to personalise.

What kind of shoes should you be looking for? For the answer simply review our tips: Read about our recommended materials and colours

Hand-painted shoes concept sketch

2. Now we prepare a bespoke, one-of-a-kind concept design.

Concept design is prepared according to all your specifications. Your visions and ideas are an essential part of the design process.

shoes painting

3. We start painting.

Once you have approved the design, we start painting. Now you just sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

shoe boc illustration

4. We send your personalised shoes back to you.

When your new custom pair of hand painted shoes are ready, we send them back to you. It doesn’t matter in which country you are based - we ship worldwide.

We encourage our clients to find a pair on their own to ensure a proper comfort level and fit by trying them on. This way you have 100% guarantee that you will get perfectly customised and comfortable shoes.

What Does It Cost?

Price of your own dream wedding shoes starts at £199.

We know that sometimes to get what you'll really love, custom is the only way to go. That's why we offer you high-end bespoke service, tailored to your needs.

Review detailed pricing guide here (pdf)

Working With Us

Alex and Bart

Hello! We're Alex and Bart. So nice to meet you!

Middo Shoes is our small business venture with goal of helping women like you to get what they really want and have fun at the same time.

Thanks to our intimate scale we're easy to contact directly and always here for you. Nothing is more important to us than improving our service every day.

We're eager to hear your stories and turn them into beautiful works of art onto your wedding shoes. Click here to get your free quote."


High Heels Illustration

Are you ready to get your perfect wedding shoes?

I limit the number of shoes I create each month to only a few pairs. It allows me to dedicate the exact amount of time it requires to achieve amazing results you'll be proud of.

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P.S. Note From Alex

Alex Dubis

You want to look your very best and this is never truer than during your wedding day. I totally understand this desire - I'm a woman myself! If you're anything like me, probably you'll spend a lot of time choosing every detail of your bridal look, from the dress to the shoes and make-up.

Your big day is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Feel free to change the traditional format to fit your preferences and style. Be yourself. It's all about how you feel. If you're not a fan of traditional pure white for a bride, it's ok. Always stay true to yourself."

- Yours sincerely,

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