Discover Best Shoes For Customisation

Recommended Shoe Materials

leather shoes

Matte Leather

The winner! Matte (synthetic and natural) leather provides the widest range of colours, including metallics. Artwork is most vivid, contrasted and clear. Durability of the sealed artwork is very high. Also you will be surprised how easy to clean are these shoes. Just be carefull not to scratch them.

satin shoes

Synthetic Satin

Another popular option is satin (remember, that term "satin" refers to a style of fabric weave, not the name of a specific fiber). However, the effect slightly differs. It offers a more romantic, pastel feel. Also a selection of colours is not as endless as it is for leather, but still you can choose from an array of vivid colours. Very high level of details can be achieved with either leather or satin shoes.

Silk Satin

We paint on silk satin (not raw silk) as well. It behaves similar to the synthetic satin made of polyester.

canvas shoes


Canvas shoes are great for customisation. This kind of fabric allows for bright, vivid colours and extremely high durability. You can take advantage of almost endless choice of colours (including metallics).

Worth mentioning is that canvas trainers are as comfortable as sports shoes! Invaluable advantage for some of the brides. We reccomend Vans or Converse.

Recommended Shoe Colours

Most preferred, giving absolutely best results is white-coloured shoe. I can't stress enough how much the shoe's surface colour affects the end result. For the white matte leather or canvas shoe the range of colours to achieve is almost endless.

Generally, lighter - better. Especially it is true for cloth finishes such as satin (because there is only one way to get a true white colour of the design - by leaving an original shoe surface unpainted). Colours such as beige, ivory or very pale yellows etc. would do.

What To Do If You're Still Not Sure?

If after reading this guide you're still not quite sure if the shoes you have in mind are suitable for painting, no worries! Send us a link or a picture of potential shoes: Alex would be more than happy to help you!